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From:Rick Gutleber Date:May 1 2008 10:02pm
Subject:What's up with uint64_t
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Hello all:

So I recently started migrating my app to mysql++ 3.0 from 2.3 and I'm 
having a really weird little problem.

The compiler is choking on the few places in my code where I'm using 
uint64_t.  Now I'm building on a RedHat Enterprise 3 machine using gcc 
3.2.3, which has <stdint.h>, and furthermore it only has problems with 
uint64_t and not, say, int64_t.  The compiler is choking everywhere I 
use that typedef, complaining about a syntax error, as if "uint64_t" had 
been _undefined_ by the mysql++ headers.  Explicitly including  
<stdint.h> in different places among the list of header files makes no 
change (nor would I really expect it to).

I'm really puzzled as to what might be the problem here, since according 
to the "integer type mess" thread from a couple months ago, I wouldn't 
expect to have a problem, and definitely wouldn't expect a problem with 
only one of whole series of typedefs that exists outside of mysql++.  
It's probably something really simple, but I'm hoping someone has 
figured out what it is, because I'm stumped.



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