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From:Warren Young Date:April 27 2008 6:35am
Subject:Re: mingw32-make: *** [mysqlpp_beemutex.o] Error 2
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On Apr 26, 2008, at 8:11 AM, Daniel Kolbo wrote:

> The sh.exe in the PATH variable was indeed the culprit.  Even though  
> the path to sh.exe was after the g++ compiler in the PATH, it still  
> was ostensibly causing problems.

MinGW's version of GNU make has special code in it to search for a  
Bourne shell and use it for shell commands if it's available, falling  
back on cmd.exe only as a last resort.

One can argue about how much sense this makes, but one will refrain. :)

> I don't quite understand the difference between a release version  
> and a debug version.

You can "re-bake" Makefile.mingw with Bakefile to change certain  
settings to get a release build.  This will optimize the library code  
for speed, and potentially remove some bits of debug-only code,  
resulting in a smaller, faster library.

Not that it really matters, because MySQL++ is never the bottleneck.   
Since MinGW make doesn't make building separate debug and release  
versions the easy default -- as do VC++ and Xcode, by contrast -- why  
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