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From:Jim Wallace Date:April 27 2008 1:40am
Subject:RE: SSQLS limitation??
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There's a compile-time switch or #define that allows you to change that limit.  Check
Warren's doc.

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Subject: SSQLS limitation??

This is my SSQLS description. Now it has 25 elments.  But when i want to add more
elements, it returns always error. Is 25 a limitaion for SSQLS???? Then how can i create a
table with 30 columns??  btw, i use the old version 2.3.2
sql_create_25(movieinfo, 1, 25,  mysqlpp::sql_int,movieid, mysqlpp::sql_char, moviename,
mysqlpp::sql_char,sActor1, mysqlpp::sql_char,sActor2, mysqlpp::sql_char,sActor3,
mysqlpp::sql_char,sActor4, mysqlpp::sql_char,sDirector, mysqlpp::sql_char,sQuote1,
mysqlpp::sql_char,sQuote2, mysqlpp::sql_char,sQuote3, mysqlpp::sql_char,sQuote4,
mysqlpp::sql_char,sGenre, mysqlpp::sql_int,iResolutionX, mysqlpp::sql_int,iResolutionY,
mysqlpp::sql_bigint,lLengthMillis, mysqlpp::sql_float,iFrames_per_second,
mysqlpp::sql_char, moviepath, mysqlpp::sql_char, textdetection, mysqlpp::sql_char,
facedetection, mysqlpp::sql_char, explosiondetection, mysqlpp::sql_char, shoutdetection,
mysqlpp::sql_char, mooddetection, mysqlpp::sql_char, movementdetection, mysqlpp::sql_char,
musicdetection, mysqlpp::sql_char, speechdetection)
thank you
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