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From:Daniel Kolbo Date:April 26 2008 2:11pm
Subject:Re: mingw32-make: *** [mysqlpp_beemutex.o] Error 2
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The sh.exe in the PATH variable was indeed the culprit.  Even though the 
path to sh.exe was after the g++ compiler in the PATH, it still was 
ostensibly causing problems.

I compiled mysql++, ran two of the examples, and got my own code working.

I had to copy mysqlpp.dll into my system32 folder, is this what is meant 
by the following warning:
WARNING: I assume you built a debug version of the library, as that
is what you get with MinGW unless you make a special effort.  You
must do a manual install if you make a release version.

Othewise, I don't quite understand the difference between a release 
version and a debug version.


Warren Young wrote:
> On Apr 24, 2008, at 5:04 PM, Daniel Kolbo wrote:
>> I installed a stand alone MinGW, changed the PATH variable to include 
>> this installation before the codeblock's mingw installation.  I get 
>> the same error.
> Is there an sh.exe somewhere on your system, particularly in the 
> PATH?  If so, it will cause havoc; change the PATH or move it out of 
> the way.  This can happen if you have Cygwin or MSYS installed.  It 
> can potentially affect you with other similar Unix emulation 
> environments, too.
> I just retested the MinGW build on a system that has never seen MinGW 
> (or Cygwin or MSYS, for that matter) and it builds fine.
>> is it supposed to be this difficult to get c++ to talk with mysql?
> Only with MinGW. ;)
> You'll find the sailing is smoother with either VC++ Express or Linux, 
> both of which are free, to varying degrees.

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