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From:Rick Gutleber Date:April 25 2008 3:16pm
Subject:Re: Noob SSQLS problem
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Awesome.  I hadn't gotten around to looking at SSQLS in version 3 yet, 
but I was hoping something like that might have been added.  I'm 
definitely going to move to version 3.

Thanks for the info.


Warren Young wrote:
> On Apr 24, 2008, at 12:21 PM, Rick Gutleber wrote:
>> I would only use the SSQLS stuff when I am retrieving whole records, 
>> not a single field like I am doing in the code I posted.
> Actually, that limitation was fixed in version 3.  See 
> examples/ssqls1.cpp.  It's doing pretty much exactly what your code is.

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