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From:Warren Young Date:April 21 2008 2:38pm
Subject:Re: TypeInfo Lookup failure
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Steven Van Ingelgem wrote:
> That was for v3.0.1 & v3.0.0...

Oh.  In that case, try switching to one of the new types defined in 
lib/sql_types.h.  my_ulonglong is a MySQL specific type, used for its 
own C API, not really something meant to map to the SQL type system. 
Its meaning changes depending on the platform, not a desirable behavior, 
which is probably why I removed support for it.

If you still feel MySQL++ needs to support something compatible with 
my_ulonglong, I'll need a SQL-oriented justification.  The current data 
type handling system is pretty hairy -- less so in 3.x, but still hairy 
-- and adding support to it for every arbitrary data type has to be done 
by hand, increasing the code's hirsuteness.  To justify that, I need a 
case where useful SQL can't be done without this type.
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