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From:Warren Young Date:April 8 2008 9:13pm
Subject:Re: conversion from ‘mysqlpp::Query’ to ‘
bool’ is ambiguous
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Dustin Moore wrote:
> The issue I have only happens when I use the SSQLS
> constructor created for comparison.

Are you using version 3.0.0?  If so, upgrade to 3.0.1...there was a fix 
in SSQLS handling there.

> The update statement that is
> created is odd and malformed:
>             $�п8�п� SET Unit_id = 133,ShortName = 'those',LongName =
> 'each' WHERE Unit_id = 133

I tried your example, and it works fine here.  The SQL statement is not 
corrupted in any way.  I dropped it over the top of examples/ssqls3.cpp, 
rebuilt the library, and used it with the stock database.  No problem.

You should try it there in the same way.  If it then works for you, 
there's some difference between the two databases, perhaps something to 
do with character encodings.  If the MySQL++ sample database behaves the 
same way as your other database, you'll have to change things until you 
find a difference that matters.  I'd start with something drastic, and 
work your way down the complexity list: OS type, then compiler, then OS 
version, then MySQL version.

You appear to be using GCC...which version?  Your attachment came in in 
DOS text format...are you using MinGW, and if so, which version?
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