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From:Jim Wallace Date:April 2 2008 12:41am
Subject:RE: Loss of float precision
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Thanks!  You da man!

BTW.  I can't search the archives.  Anything I search on returns no
results.  Can anyone else search?

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Subject: Re: Loss of float precision

Dave Bailey wrote:
> If you view the raw file and look for the definition of
> Item_func_ieee754_to_string::val_str(String *str)
> the comment specifies that 17 digits of precision are needed for
> It is also true that 9 digits are needed for single precision.  I
> believe
> it, but I tested it once with every possible value of a single
> float
> and found that there were cases where 8 digits was not enough to
> a lossless conversion from float to string and back.

Well, OK... :)  The patch is in svn now.

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