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From:news Date:March 27 2008 5:32pm
Subject:Re: Compiling Troubles
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Serves me right for being lazy and not compiling from sources I suppose.

did an apt-get remove on the libs and then compiled from source. However..

$ ./exec
./exec: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory

but this was fixed with

$ su
# cp /usr/local/lib/ /usr/lib/
# ./exec
[password was here]
Connected to localhost
1, Red Ball, 2.99
2, Blue Ball, 1.99
3, Green Ball, 0.99

So all working now, Thanks Warren.


> news@stripped wrote:
>> // Encode MySQL++ library version number.  MYSQLPP_VERSION macro takes
>> // like 0x010203.  MYSQLPP_LIB_VERSION is the current library version
>> // conditional code based on the MySQL++ library version.
>> cout << MYSQLPP_LIB_VERSION << endl;
>> This code produces
>> 131078
> That's version 2.0.6.  (It's easier to read in hex: 0x020006.)
> This agrees with your other symptoms, which is that v3 constructs aren't
> compiling against these old headers.
>> I used apt-get on an ubuntu install to install mysqlpp,
> So the old headers are probably in /usr/local/include, and the new ones
> in /usr/include.  You need to clean the old stuff out of the way somehow
> so the compiler and linker can find the new stuff.
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