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From:Warren Young Date:March 5 2008 6:41pm
Subject:Re: v3.0.0
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Corin Fletcher wrote:
> Thought I'd highlight the following in the change log as it caused me a lot
> of pain.  It's particularly nasty if you don't realise it's happened:
> Changed the return type of Connection::ping() from int to bool. 

Regrettable, but returning a falsy value to indicate success sucked.

> One comment:  it'd be nice if ConnectionPool had an upper limit on number of
> connections.  I have a bespoke class (was looking forward to ditching it)
> that limits number of connections... if you reach it, you have to wait for a
> connection to come free, this prevents a crazy amount of simultaneous
> connections ever being made.

I think to make this work, we need to make release() virtual so you can 
override it in your ConnectionPool derivative.  This will break the ABI, 
but I'm willing to bend the rules for a short period.

I have to ask, though, why didn't you test this during the extensive 
beta period?  You had 10 weeks...
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