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From:Warren Young Date:February 29 2008 9:44pm
Subject:RELEASE: v3.0.0
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At long last, the biggest release of MySQL++, ever, is finished.  I'm
releasing it today, Leap Day, because it is such a giant leap forward.
Much of that is due to the number and quality of the contributions from
others; thank you all!

I've taken three different change metrics, and they all cluster nicely, 
agreeing that this release's delta relative to the previous stable 
version is twice that for v2.0.0.  I tried to include the v3.0.0 
ChangeLog section in this message, but the list manager rejected the 
message because it exceeded the 30K limit!  That much change in a single 
release makes me nervous, but it's had a correspondingly longer beta 
period, so I'm confident the biggest problems have shaken out. 
Nevertheless, standard disclaimer:


You will have to recompile your program against this version of the
library, and you will almost certainly have to make code changes as
well.  Please see these sections in the user manual for information on
migrating your code to this new version:

If you want the play-by-play, the ChangeLog is online here:

You can download everything else from
RELEASE: v3.0.0Warren Young29 Feb
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