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From:Nick Hall Date:February 22 2008 5:14pm
Subject:Proper way to detect deadlocks?
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I've been using MySQL++ for several years now and it works great. Recently,
as one of my applications has been used more, I've started having deadlocks
occur periodically. According to the mysql website ( "you must
write your applications so that they are always prepared to re-issue a
transaction if it gets rolled back because of a deadlock." As of MySQL++
2.1.1, a deadlock issues a BadQuery exception with the text: "Deadlock found
when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction". I obviously don't want
to do string parsing to determine if a deadlock has occurred -- is there a
way to detect deadlocks in a better fashion? I realize my version of MySQL++
is somewhat old, but I looked through the changelock and documentation and
could not find any indication that there is now some sort of deadlock
exception -- if there is, I could upgrade. What is the proper way to detect
deadlocks with MySQL++? Thanks,


Proper way to detect deadlocks?Nick Hall22 Feb
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