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From:Warren Young Date:February 19 2008 11:32am
Subject:Re: RELEASE CANDIDATE: v3.0.0 rc4 (packaging feedback)
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Remi Collet wrote:
> Warren Young a écrit :
>> No need.  It just needs string.h.  I've checked the change in.
> Can you please point me to the SVN, 

Just search for "repository" on the main MySQL++ page.  Or, read 

> i just want to try a build before final release.

There will be at least one more release candidate first.  It might go 
out today.

>>> %{__mkdir_p} doc/examples/test
>>> %{__install} -m644 test/*.cpp doc/examples/test/
>> I don't see why we want this.  The test programs are rarely examples 
>> of good style, they're meant to exercise the library.  The code is 
>> meant mostly for people working on MySQL++, not for the average 
>> MySQL++ user.
> Ok.
> So it's probably interesting to remove it from the Makefile.

It may not be practical, but I'll look into it.  It would only be 
sensible to do it for generated tarballs and src.rpm files.  The tests 
have to be enabled by default to realize their full potential for svn 
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