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From:Thomas Werth Date:February 12 2008 6:47am
Subject:Re: possible bug in rc3 ?
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Hi Warren,

i should have taken a deeper look on --ssl option, thanks for 
Well "my" ssl solution needs to run without any setup on multiple 
systems, so ssh is not best choice for this task. Anyway i have to admit 
ssh or even a linux-system in a virtual box is much more handy than putty :)

thx for very kind support, i'll look up mysql documentations


Warren Young schrieb:
> Thomas Werth wrote:
>> mysql -u user -ppassword --ssl
>> works without any problems.
>  From the MySQL manual, on --ssl:
> "This option is not sufficient in itself to cause an SSL connection to 
> be used. You must also specify the --ssl-ca option, and possibly the 
> --ssl-cert and --ssl-key options."
> I'm not sure if having the values in my.cnf suffices, but what I am sure 
> about is that I tried your command here on my system, and it let me log 
> in without complaint.  I have *no* SSL of any kind going on on this 
> machine.  Clearly it's quietly falling back to plaintext if it can't do 
> SSL for whatever reason.
> While Googling for the above, I couldn't find examples of successful 
> Windows SSL setups; it was all from the Unixy perspective.
> The only thing I found that looks like it should work is this:
> It gives the same security as SSL, but without needing special help on 
> the client or server side, since ssh generally Just Works (TM).  The 
> downside is that it's a little more involved to set up each individual 
> connection.  I use much this same setup to do things like accessing a 
> web server that's behind a firewall that only lets ssh through.  It 
> works beautifully, and I can second the recommendation for SecureCRT.  I 
> *live* in SecureCRT on my Windows machine, and have for years.  It's 
> just plain awesome.  I shake my head when I see people recommending 
> PuTTY instead...dreadful software...ptui!  If you had to have something 
> free, I'd recommend using Cygwin's command-line ssh over PuTTY, any day.
> If you need real SSL, I suggest you take it up on the main MySQL mailing 
> list.  It's probably just a configuration problem somewhere.

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