Index: lib/sql_types.h =================================================================== --- lib/sql_types.h (revision 2169) +++ lib/sql_types.h (working copy) @@ -31,6 +31,8 @@ #include +#include + namespace mysqlpp { #if !defined(DOXYGEN_IGNORE) @@ -39,16 +41,16 @@ // Nearest C++ equivalents of MySQL data types. These are only the "NOT // NULL" variants. Wrap these types in MySQL++'s Null<> template to get // NULL-able types. -typedef tiny_int sql_tinyint; -typedef tiny_int sql_tinyint_unsigned; -typedef short sql_smallint; -typedef unsigned short sql_smallint_unsigned; -typedef int sql_int; -typedef unsigned int sql_int_unsigned; -typedef int sql_mediumint; -typedef unsigned int sql_mediumint_unsigned; -typedef longlong sql_bigint; -typedef ulonglong sql_bigint_unsigned; +typedef tiny_int sql_tinyint; +typedef tiny_int sql_tinyint_unsigned; +typedef int16_t sql_smallint; +typedef uint16_t sql_smallint_unsigned; +typedef int32_t sql_int; +typedef uint32_t sql_int_unsigned; +typedef int32_t sql_mediumint; +typedef uint32_t sql_mediumint_unsigned; +typedef int64_t sql_bigint; +typedef uint64_t sql_bigint_unsigned; typedef float sql_float; typedef double sql_double;