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From:Warren Young Date:February 2 2008 3:35am
Subject:RELEASE CANDIDATE: v3.0.0 rc3 (final?)
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Mostly documentation improvements this time, but there's some 
last-minute changes to Date, DateTime, and Time:

       - As a result of NOW() feature, hid all of DateTime's data members
         behind accessor functions to make it easier to keep the state of
         the object consistent.  (If it's initialized as "now" and you
         give it an explicit year value, say, it is no longer "now",
         so the setter has to clear the now-flag.)  There are getters
         and setters for year, month, day, hour, minute and second,
         all named after the corresponding data member.

       - Did the same for Date and Time for consistency, even though it
         isn't technically required.

       - Renamed template class DTbase<T> to Comparable<T>.  The fact
         that it's the common base class of all date and time classes
         is irrelevant; making subclasses comparable is what it does,
         so that's what it should be named after.

       - Added operator std::string and str() methods to all of these
         classes.  Adding this to the existing operator << support, you
         now have several ways to convert these objects to string form.

I just found out that my last excuse for holding back v3.0 actually went 
away before I released rc2: Bakefile 0.2.3 was quietly released back on 
the 20th, with no mention on the mailing list.  So, lacking any problem 
reports, this will be the final test release.

Direct link to the sources:

or for the RPM folk:

Beta docs (check out the user manual's breakages chapter!):
RELEASE CANDIDATE: v3.0.0 rc3 (final?)Warren Young2 Feb