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From:Warren Young Date:January 31 2008 8:09pm
Subject:Last chance to complain about MySQL++ annoyances
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If you're aware of any bugs or other irritants in MySQL++, please let me 
know about them.  If it isn't fixed in svn or on the Wishlist, it's not 
likely to get fixed.  The Wishlist is a pretty good summary of the 
problems I'm aware of, so if it's not there, I probably have forgotten 
about it if I ever did know about it.*checkout*/mysqlpp/trunk/Wishlist

A special time in MySQL++'s development is about to pass, a time where 
we're free to do almost anything we want to the code because there's no 
one saying we can't break this or that.  Such a time may never come 
again.  At best, I can't see it happening for at least another year.
Last chance to complain about MySQL++ annoyancesWarren Young31 Jan