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From:Warren Young Date:January 28 2008 10:39am
Subject:Re: How to set up connection string
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Nils Woetzel wrote:
> this does not seem to be a problem with the mysql++ library but rather
> with your project settings in visual studio.

Quite possible.  To the original poster: have you read the Windows Forms 
section of  (Or README-Visual-C++.txt, as it's known in the 
v3.0 test releases?)

> Essentially, it seems that your project has "use multibyte libraries"
> activated in the project settings, which means that you need to write
> an 'L' in front of all string literals:
> con.connect( L"transpass", L"", L"allpurpose", ....

This shouldn't be necessary.  Look at MySQL++'s


It always uses "narrow" characters with MySQL++, simply because the 
underlying MySQL C API only understands narrow characters.

Alexander, study this example to see how it works.  You should be able 
to modify it with your hard-coded server parameters and have it work. 
Study the differences in build settings, and you'll probably find 
something that causes the example to build but your program to fail.
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