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From:Jonathan Wakely Date:January 26 2008 6:32pm
Subject:Re: RELEASE CANDIDATE: v3.0.0 rc2
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On 24/01/2008, Warren Young <mysqlpp@stripped> wrote:
> Mostly bug fixes in this one, but there's also the substantial change of
> Jonathan Wakely's new string-to-numeric stuff.  I almost kicked this
> release back to beta3 because it's so potentially game-changing, so
> test, test, test!

Hi Warren,
The RC builds and tests fine here.
If anyone reports anything funny that might be due to the new numeric
conversions I'll look at it asap.

> Beta docs (check out the user manual's breakages chapter!):

The user manual is jolly good, it looks especially nice as a pdf.

I noticed one thing after building the docs (sorry! this isn't big
enough to need a new release candidate though :-)

At the end of the "make clean" target in Makefile:
        rm -f transaction$(EXEEXT)
        cd doc/html/refman ; \
        rm -f doxygen.css [a-z]*.{dot,html,map,md5,png} ; \
        rm -rf doc/latex doc/pdf

this doesn't remove the latex and pdf files, because of the earlier cd

Easily fixed by removing the latex and pdf dirs first, before changing
dir, or changing back again.

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