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From:Warren Young Date:January 23 2008 1:57am
Subject:Re: SSQLS; macros with more than 127 parameters
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Tom Moers wrote:
> Does anyone know a way around this?

1. Refactor the table so it uses a sane number of columns
2. Split your queries so they only ask for <= 127 columns
3. Start work on SSQLS v2, per the plan in the Wishlist:*checkout*/mysqlpp/trunk/Wishlist

Personally, I favor #1.  In all the years I've been maintaining MySQL++, 
my challenge to anyone needing more columns has been "show me your 
schema".  I've yet to get one that wasn't better refactored so you don't 
hit the limit to begin with.  Working under constraints often forces you 
to reevaluate what you really need.
SSQLS; macros with more than 127 parametersTom Moers23 Jan
  • Re: SSQLS; macros with more than 127 parametersWarren Young23 Jan