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From:Warren Young Date:January 4 2008 1:49pm
Subject:Re: Question about threads.
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Jim wrote:
> Is there some intelligence here or are threads automatically included 
> now if the support is there, e. g. threaded mysql and a thread library?

I'm not entirely sure what's going on.  My wild guess is that you're 
seeing some effect due to Linux's intelligent shared library system, 
where dependencies can propagate from one library to another.

If you say 'grep THREAD config.h' at the top MySQL++ directory, you'll 
probably find that all of the relevant macros are undefined, indicating 
that autoconf didn't find any thread libraries, because it wasn't asked 
to look.

So, between these two things, you can end up with a program linked 
against libpthread, but which doesn't actually work 100% correctly with 
threads.  Linking to libpthread isn't enough.

Play with the new cpoolp example to see how different library 
configurations change its behavior.
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