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From:Warren Young Date:December 31 2007 7:26pm
Subject:Do we still need VC++ 2003 support?
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I just reinstalled VC++ 2003 on my main Windows development box to test 
MySQL++ v3 with it, and found that the Null<T> for SSQLS feature causes 
an internal compiler error.

I'd rather not spending time debugging this, because it's a big patch 
("svn diff -r1817:1818" spits out 10 printed pages!) and I suspect the 
number of people stuck on VC++ 2003 is small.

To help me decide, anyone still stuck on VS2003, please let me know. 
I'm especially interested to hear from those who were looking forward to 
some MySQL++ v3 feature other than SSQLS with Null<T> support, who would 
thus be up ze creek if MySQL++ v3 just didn't support VC++ 2003 at all. 
  Personal email is fine on this one if you don't want to discuss it on 
the list.
Do we still need VC++ 2003 support?Warren Young31 Dec
  • Re: Do we still need VC++ 2003 support?David Sigal1 Jan