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From:Warren Young Date:December 28 2007 7:18am
Subject:Re: a simple question:embedded server
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??? wrote:
> Does mysql++ support embedded server? 

I'm not aware of anyone who's used it successfully.  I seem to recall 
someone running into trouble with it in the past -- see the archives -- 
but I didn't learn anything from it telling me that it can't be done. 
So, the answer is "maybe".

You may want to turn on the connection option to use the embedded 
server.  In 2.3, it's Connection::opt_use_embedded_connection.  It'll be 
different in v3, but the principle's the same.  The default is to let 
the C API library guess, which it may not do successfully.

Other than that, I don't know what special steps may be necessary beyond 
linking your program to the embedded server.

Please, let us know how it works out, good, bad or ugly.
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