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From:Warren Young Date:December 27 2007 1:37am
Subject:Re: Simplify RefCountedBuffer
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Jonathan Wakely wrote:
> This might be too late for 3.0 

I was anxious to get beta 1 out the door primarily so we can start the 
process of testing and refinement sooner, not so much to hasten the 
final release.  I'm happy to keep MySQL++ in beta (or gamma, or RC...) 
status as long as changes of this sort keep coming in.

> I think it's a worthwhile simpification.

Indeed!  I actually mentioned wanting to do this in the initial 
announcement of RefCountedPointer, and had it on the wishlist for a 
while, but ran into some block and dropped it.  I'm very happy you've 
found a way around whatever it was I ran into. :)

Applied mostly as-is, with the standard sort of minor tweaks.
Simplify RefCountedBufferJonathan Wakely22 Dec
  • Re: Simplify RefCountedBufferWarren Young27 Dec