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From:Jonathan Wakely Date:December 22 2007 3:53pm
Subject:Simplify RefCountedBuffer
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This might be too late for 3.0 but I think it's a worthwhile simpification.

This patch replaces RefCountedBuffer with RefCountedPointer<Buffer>,
where Buffer just holds an array of chars, a type and the is_null
flag.  All the reference-counting is handled by the RefCountedPointer
class template.

This simplifies the Buffer class, and the code that uses it no longer
needs explicit (and therefore error-prone) calls to attach() and
dec_ref_count().  Copying and assigning to buffer_ does the Right
Thing because RefCountedPointer handles it all correctly.

./dtest runs without errors, with and without valgrind.


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Simplify RefCountedBufferJonathan Wakely22 Dec
  • Re: Simplify RefCountedBufferWarren Young27 Dec