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From:Joe Hudson Date:December 7 2007 5:51pm
Subject:Re: linking mysql++ 2.3.2
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Fair enough, hadn't thought of proposing them as a patch, but I suppose they
could be handy for some people.
It seems to me with the insert, update and replace methods taking an SSQLS
(or iterators of them) they're as
elegant and simple as they are because what they do is limited to
adding/changing whole rows without any user provided conditional logic.
Just a small handy subset of what you would otherwise do with a call to
query << string; query execute/store, etc. and what you have to do for
retrieving data.
SSQLS aren't bound to a table when they are being filled from one (I
believe) so then why need they be when being saved?
Anyway, here's the very simple additions I made.

    template <class T>
    Query& update(const T& o, const T& n, const std::string& table)

        // Cast required for VC++ 2003 due to error in overloaded operator
        // lookup logic.  For an explanation of the problem, see:
        MYSQLPP_QUERY_THISPTR << std::setprecision(16) <<
                "UPDATE " << table << " SET " << n.equal_list() <<
                " WHERE " << o.equal_list(" AND ", sql_use_compare);
        return *this;

    template <class T>
    Query& insert(const T& v, const std::string& table)

        MYSQLPP_QUERY_THISPTR << std::setprecision(16) <<
                "INSERT INTO " << table << " (" <<
                v.field_list() << ") VALUES (" <<
                v.value_list() << ')';
        return *this;

    template <class Iter>
    Query& insert(Iter first, Iter last, const std::string& table)
        if (first == last) {
            return *this;    // empty set!

        MYSQLPP_QUERY_THISPTR << std::setprecision(16) <<
                "INSERT INTO " << table << " (" <<
                first->field_list() << ") VALUES (" <<
                first->value_list() << ')';

        Iter it = first + 1;
        while (it != last) {
            MYSQLPP_QUERY_THISPTR << ",(" << it->value_list() << ')';

        return *this;

    template <class T>
    Query& replace(const T& v, const std::string& table)

        MYSQLPP_QUERY_THISPTR << std::setprecision(16) <<
                "REPLACE INTO " << table << " (" <<
                v.field_list() << ") VALUES (" << v.value_list() << ')';
        return *this;

also, may be another example of me doing things wrong, but I found I had to
add this

inline int sql_cmp(const mysqlpp::DateTime &a, const mysqlpp::DateTime &b){

to custom.h  (via the perl script) to get the DateTime class to work as a
key field for an SSQLS.


On 04/12/2007, Warren Young <mysqlpp@stripped> wrote:
> Joe Hudson wrote:
> >
> > With my template functions, SSQLSes do what I want for now and I've
> written
> > quite a chunk of code that already uses them.
> Okay.
> I'm still on the fence about whether to accept your patch.  I think my
> problem with it is that it's more of a parallel interface w.r.t existing
> functionality than a true extension to MySQL++.  I think I'm trying to
> find some elegant way in my mind to express the concepts of a default
> table name, per-struct overrides, and per-instance overrides, all in a
> single mechanism.  We've got the first two, but the third seems to
> require a different mechanism, which bugs me.
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