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From:jms295 Date:December 3 2007 4:49pm
Subject:config-win.h redefinition problems
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Hey all, I am sort of new to C++ (as in i read "Teach Yourself C++ in 21
days) and even newer to MySQL.  I have had reasonable success working with
the stock MySQL C API but it is rather clunky and I would prefer to to use
the MySQL++ wrapper.    My problem is that when I try to compile anything 
that uses the my_global.h header I get a handful of macro redefintion errors
(redefinition of isnan, rint, etc..) and many other warnings.  The problem
as far as I can tell is that my_global.h calls for the inclusion of both the
config-win.h (from MySQL++ ) and the math.h (standard C++) header files. 
Config-win.h seems to contain slight variations on many macros and functions
already defined by math.h and many many problems ensue.  Why does config-win
have these redefinitions and what can I do to resolve this?  

My set up:
Windows XP professional
Dev C++ version with MySQL and MySQL++ packages installed 

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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