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From:Warren Young Date:December 3 2007 1:52pm
Subject:Re: linking mysql++ 2.3.2
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Joe Hudson wrote:
> with you on the PIC microcontrollers :) well the include path for mysql.h is
> set in the project settings.
> and that is the first error... Seems Eclipse was very confusingly displayng
> errors for other projects in my build group,. :)

Dunno what to tell you, then.  I don't think anything has changed in the 
way we #include MySQL C API headers in quite a while.

> would
> defining MYSQLPP_SSQLS_NO_STATICS globally and just calling:
> once for each struct in a .cpp file for the header that defines the SSQLS's
> be a reasonable solution to where there are lots of modules that use the
> same SSQLS's?

No.  MYSQLPP_SSQLS_EXPAND isn't called that way, and replicating the way 
it *is* called would evaporate much of the advantage of SSQLSes.

You can do something like this instead in the .h file:

	#if !defined(EXPAND_MYSTRUCT)

And then #define EXPAND_MYSTRUCT before #including that header in the 
one module that you nominate as owning the SSQLS.

> I have lots (a few thousand) of tables with the same
> structure, but I want them as seperate tables because each could contain a
> lot of data and they are for seperate real world things that I want to keep
> seperate in the DB. I just want a neat and convenient way of  using the same
> SSQLS type to manipulate different tables with the same structure. Is that
> weird?  

It sounds to me like you're trying to impose an OO structure on top of a 
relational database, always a tarpit.

Maybe you should do without SSQLS altogether, and populate data 
structures you define from the lower-level Row data instead:

	struct MyGenericThingy {
		int a;
		string b;

		MyGenericThingy(mysqlpp::Row& row) :
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