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From:Warren Young Date:December 1 2007 6:16am
Subject:Re: linking mysql++ 2.3.2
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Joe Hudson wrote:
> /usr/local/include/mysql++/common.h:157: error: 'MYSQL_FIELD' does not name
> a type

I don't see how you can get this error without an earlier one 
complaining that one of the MySQL C API headers couldn't be found. 
Regardless, it probably means the directory containing those files isn't 
in your #include path.  How you set that up in Eclipse is something 
you'll have to figure out; I've only used Eclipse briefly, and it was 
for PIC microcontrollers, not very high on the list of popular 
deployment platforms for MySQL++.

> (I'm using multiple threads and don't want to define a seperate SSQLS for
> each thread or put a lock on the .table(str) method between each insert., if
> that makes any sense..)

Um, no, can't say it does make sense.  SSQLS::table() returns a 
reference to const char*, and the only reason it isn't char* const 
instead is because you might want to change the table name _once_ if the 
SSQLS has a different name than the table it belongs to.  If you do need 
that change, it can happen while only a single thread is running, so 
there's no chance for a race condition.

Unless, I suppose, you're doing something weird like reusing one SSQLS 
for multiple tables just because they share the same structure.  That's 
just lazy.  One table per SSQLS, one SSQLS per table.

> /usr/bin/ld: Undefined symbols:
> Wdbaccesstypes::equity_row::names

You've defined MYSQLPP_SSQLS_NO_STATICS globally instead of defining it 
for all modules but one.  That leaves two statics undefined per SSQLS.

Unfortunately, the complete consequences of this macro were only 
documented here on the mailing list until recently.  It's documented in 
what will be the v3 user manual (section 5.5, ATM) if you want to check 
out the svn version and build it....
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