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From:Warren Young Date:November 27 2007 11:06pm
Subject:Re: Static build doesn't build static _util lib
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Peter Tinker wrote:
> The configure flag --enable-static results in make files that build a static
> libmysqlpp, but still build only shared mysql_util libs.

I don't know what "mysql_util" is.  I point this out not to be pedantic, 
but because I'm genuinely uncertain what it is you're talking about.

I do know what "mysqlpp_util" is, but it's just a convenience library 
for use by MySQL++'s example programs.  It is meant for no other use, so 
I don't know why you care how it's linked.  Furthermore, the fact that 
you're seeing a dynamic library is what's odd here, not the fact that 
you can't get a static one: being a convenience library, it should only 
be static.  This makes me think you not talking about mysqlpp_util at 
all, but are instead talking about some other library that isn't 
on-topic here.

Why do you want to link MySQL++ statically anyway?  Its license says 
that the only way you can do this in a closed-source product[*] is if 
you never distribute the binaries.  This is why MySQL++ defaults to 
building a dynamic library on all platforms.

[*] an assumption based on your email address
Static build doesn't build static _util libPeter Tinker27 Nov
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