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From:Warren Young Date:November 8 2007 12:07am
Subject:Re: Issues with multi-queries
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Paul Martin wrote:
> My point is not to debug my own code, 

Are you certain that it isn't bugs in your code that are causing the 
problem, then?

This is the first message I remember seeing on this list in the 2+ years 
we've supported multiqueries that suggests that they just don't work. 
Either you're the first to really use them, or your code has a bug.

> The endl's are used because the original multiquery example used them.

Ah.  We had them in there only to make the preview() calls prettier. 
I've removed them.

> I've just modified a simple example to show it break.

You haven't "shown" anything.  You've just stated that "this is the 
case" with no proof.  What you posted doesn't compile and run, and 
neither I nor probably anyone else is going to take the time to change 
it until it does break, if only because you can't prove that something 
_doesn't_ happen.  It's up to you to prove that it _does_.

You have to meet us more than halfway on this.  We're unpaid volunteers.

> I suppose I could use the sample db but that might not behave the same.

I addressed this in my previous email: if it doesn't behave the same, 
that tells you something interesting and useful.  It's a legitimate 
troubleshooting step, totally separate from the matter of making it 
convenient for people to test things for you on their machines.

> I have a feeling the engine isn't ready for another call for a short 
> time, 

Some of the biggest sites on the net run on MySQL.  These sites see 
normal loads of thousands of queries per second, and I assure you, they 
don't have magic delays between every query.  If that were necessary, 
MySQL wouldn't have achieved its present popularity, and even if it had, 
MySQL++ would either do this internally for you or tell you to do it in 
the user manual.

> It looks like there may be a memory leak issue as well,
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