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From:Jim Wallace Date:October 24 2007 12:11pm
Subject:RE: Please send me a test message
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Got it fine.  Thanks.

Odd.  I seems to get all the other postings from the list but not yours.
I'll subscribe with my other e-mail to see if I can figure out what's
up.  I used to get your, but a few weeks back they stopped.

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Subject: Re: Please send me a test message

Jim Wallace wrote:
> Can you reply to *all* on this e-mail so I can see if our IT is 
> blocking you, or what the problem is on my end?

Okay, but you're leaving one possibility untested: that it's messages
from the list that are getting blocked.  Direct messages like this one
might get through, but list messages look different, so a filter could
flag them.

> 2. I'll redo the patch, taking your suggestion of creating a new 
> exception class, and following more closely your conventions.

Thanks, I'll be waiting.

Beware that I'm currently rethinking the v3 release plan, deferring some
features to v4 to get this thing out the door.

RE: Please send me a test messageJim Wallace24 Oct