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From:Gary Anderson Date:October 24 2007 4:10am
Subject:Memory management using Res and Row
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My application establishes a connection at the beginning of processing, 
then uses that connection to do several thousand operations involving 
reading and updating stored data.  I use the Query, Result and Row 
objects.  When the application exits, I seem to have a lot of 
un-released memory (leaks) that appear to be holding items read from the 
database during processing.  The manual indicates that a ResUse object 
contains a purge() method to release the resources held by the object, 
but I can't seem to find similar methods for Result, Row or Query.  Do 
such methods exist?  If not, how is this allocated memory freed?


Memory management using Res and RowGary Anderson24 Oct
  • Re: Memory management using Res and RowWarren Young24 Oct