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Subject:Re: linking problems with SSQLS
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Thanks that solved it!

I really appreciate your help


Warren Young wrote:
> joh3@stripped wrote:
>> /tmp/ccS0Mujl.o: In function `File_Types::table()':
>> /export/sda4/svn/PS_code/src/table_construct.h:42: undefined reference to
>> `File_Types::_table'
> I suspect you're defining MYSQLPP_SSQLS_NO_STATICS in all modules.  You
> want to define it in all but one module.  It doesn't greatly matter
> which module leaves this undefined; each SSQLS has data members that
> must be defined somewhere, once, in the set of modules being linked.
> This macro suppresses those definitions so you don't get multiple
> definition problems when defining SSQLSes in header files.

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