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From:Warren Young Date:October 15 2007 10:46am
Subject:Re: SQLSS and null-values patch
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Andrej van der Zee wrote:
> * Is there a patch for recent versions of mysql++ with
> transaction support in it? Preferably for a stable
> release?

It's possible that someone may have forward-ported it, but I don't know 
of anyone who's offered such a port back to the community.

> * Will SQLSS null-support be part of the 3.0 release?

Yes, but there's a good possibility that SSQLS will be redesigned in v3. 
  If so, Null<T> support will be designed in from the start, so there's 
no point in trying to apply the patch to the current tree.

> And is the 3.0 release scheduled anytime soon?

Not at the current rate of development.  There's a lot I want to pack 
into this release, things that have been waiting for an opportunity to 
break the ABI which won't come again soon.  I work on MySQL++ as part of 
my day job, but paying concerns are taking up most of my time right now.
SQLSS and null-values patchAndrej van der Zee15 Oct
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