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From:Andrej van der Zee Date:October 15 2007 8:21am
Subject:SQLSS and null-values patch
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On the mailing list I found a patch for null-value
support for SQLSS. The patch is against an old SVN
revision without transaction support. Also, it sais
that SQLSS null-support might be added to the 3.0
release. Two questions:

* Is there a patch for recent versions of mysql++ with
transaction support in it? Preferably for a stable
* Will SQLSS null-support be part of the 3.0 release?
And is the 3.0 release scheduled anytime soon?

Thank you!

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SQLSS and null-values patchAndrej van der Zee15 Oct
  • Re: SQLSS and null-values patchWarren Young15 Oct