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From:Warren Young Date:October 12 2007 6:27am
Subject:Re: linking problems with SSQLS
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joh3@stripped wrote:
> /tmp/ccS0Mujl.o: In function `File_Types::table()':
> /export/sda4/svn/PS_code/src/table_construct.h:42: undefined reference to
> `File_Types::_table'

I suspect you're defining MYSQLPP_SSQLS_NO_STATICS in all modules.  You 
want to define it in all but one module.  It doesn't greatly matter 
which module leaves this undefined; each SSQLS has data members that 
must be defined somewhere, once, in the set of modules being linked. 
This macro suppresses those definitions so you don't get multiple 
definition problems when defining SSQLSes in header files.
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