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From:John Gehring Date:October 11 2007 11:04pm
Subject:varchar field > 65K
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I am adding records to my MySQL database that contains a column of type
'mediumtext' (call it ColA). The amount of data is roughly 75K bytes. If I
use the SELECT ... INTO OUTFILE ... statement to get the data, I
successfully get all the data of the record. However, if I use a select
statement within an embedded application (using mysql++), the data from ColA
is truncated at 65K bytes. I see quite a bit of documentation for the mysql
embedded library related to binding data for result sets. But I don't see
anyplace in the mysql++ code that uses that functionality (like
mysql_stmt_bind_result()). Am I missing something, or does the mysql++
library have a limit on how large a field of data can be returned from a
select statement?

varchar field > 65KJohn Gehring12 Oct
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