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From:António Santos Date:October 8 2007 10:32am
Subject:Using SSQLS with multiple files
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I'm new to the project and I've been having some difficulties using  
SSQLS macros with multiple files. Suppose I have a macro like the  
sql_create_5(site_survey_point, 1, 0,
   mysqlpp::sql_int, Id,
   mysqlpp::sql_int, Buildings_Id,
   mysqlpp::sql_float, x,
   mysqlpp::sql_float, y,
   mysqlpp::sql_float, z
in one .cpp file.
How can I now use the site_survey_point structure type in other .cpp  
files? I can't put the macro in a header file since since I will get  
multiple definitions.
Probably this is more a C++ doubt rather than a mysql++ one, but can  
someone give me a hint on this?


António Santos

Using SSQLS with multiple filesAntónio Santos8 Oct
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