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From:Jim Wallace Date:September 26 2007 11:57am
Subject:RE: query does not affect database
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I do something very similar and it works.  I'd move the "user added"
message after the commit since if you catch an exception, it still will
say user added.  It's also not clear that conn and Configuration::conn()
are the same.

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Subject: query does not affect database


I am trying to add a row to a database.
Connection goes fine (I check if connect returns false, and it does
I use the following simple code:

if (!conn.connect("mydb", "localhost", "root", "")) {
        cerr<<"could not connect to database. Check databa ngs."<<endl;
       return 0;

try {
        Transaction trans(Configuration::conn());
        Query query = Configuration::conn().query();

        user row(userId, userName.c_str());


catch (const Exception& er) {

        return 0;

cerr<<"user added."<<endl;

Everything goes well, compilation as well execution, and the program
exits with the message "user added". Still, when I check if anything was
added to the database, I see no new rows.

I followed the "xaction.cpp" example, I don't think I missed anything

Any ideas what's wrong?

Thanks for your help.

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