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From:Warren Young Date:September 24 2007 10:16pm
Subject:Re: no version information available
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Jerry Ro wrote:
> mysqlclient14-4.1.14-4.2
> mysqlclient10-devel-3.23.58-9.2
> mysqlclient14-devel-4.1.14-4.2
> mysqlclient10-3.23.58-9.2
> This means that for some reason, I have two development packages for mysql
> installed.

Not good.  Uninstall _both_ of them, then reinstall the one you need.

But also...

> ./main.o: /usr/lib64/mysql/ no version information

...this says you have at least two problems, not one.  Somehow you have 
an ABI version 15 MySQL library on the system, too.  I think if you say:

	$ rpm -qa |grep -i mysql

you will find that there are more than just two copies of MySQL on the 

In short, you have a mess.

Maybe you've been in the habit of passing the --force or --nodeps flags 
to rpm?  If so, stoppit.  :)

You can have as many MySQL client libraries on your system as you want 
(for compatibility), but you should have only one set of development 
files, and one server version.  And if you don't need the broader binary 
compatibility, I'd keep it to just one client library version, too.

The whole 32 vs. 64 bit thing probably isn't helping, either, but since 
I've not yet had a reason to move to 64 bits, I cannot advise further.
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