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From:Jerry Ro Date:September 23 2007 7:01pm
Subject:Re: no version information available
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Thanks for the information. Verify seems to be working well. But when I
tried to see what exactly in installed there, I found something interesting:

$ rpm -qa | grep mysqlclient

This means that for some reason, I have two development packages for mysql
The error I get when compiling using -lmysqlpp -lmysqlclient is:

./main.o: /usr/lib64/mysql/ no version information
available (required by /usr0/local/lib/

Could it be that I should use one package and not the other? I also have a
/usr/lib/mysql directory (as opposed to lib64). I couldn't get my executable
to use it, no matter what I tried.
I don't even know if lib64 is connected to one devel package and lib is
connected to the other. Could I have an unfixable installation of
mysqlclient and there is no way to work around this? I would install
libmysqlclient myself, but unfortunately I do not have access to that kind
of installation process (I cannot remove old installations from the

Any help is appreciated.



On 9/21/07, Warren Young <mysqlpp@stripped> wrote:
> Jerry Ro wrote:
> > I am not sure - what do you refer to as "package manager verification"?
> $ man rpm
> $ man dpkg
> $ man emerge
> $ man pkgadd
> $ man whateverpackagemanageryouareusing
> Search for "verify".  It will tell you how to ask the package manager to
> verify that the contents of the installed package have not changed.  If
> your particular OS's package manager doesn't have such a feature, my
> advice is to get a real OS. :)
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