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From:Dale Stewart Date:September 18 2007 3:34pm
Subject:RE: vector error ( LNK2005)
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I think that the error is showing up in the application code that is
trying to use the library, probably because it is linking with the
static runtime library when it should be using the DLL.

std::basic_string<char> and std::basic_string<_wchar_t> are already
fully instantiated in the C/C++ runtime library DLL(s).  They cannot be
redefined by some other code that is linking with the library.  Because
std::string crosses the MySQL++ library interface boundary, the same
implementation of these class template instantiations has to be used on
both sides of that boundary.

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Subject: Re: vector error ( LNK2005)

Dale Stewart wrote:
> I think that the cause of this error is due to a mismatch in the C
> runtime library 

I agree, but also:

> 01@@Z) already defined in mysqlpp.lib(mysqlpp.dll) StructTables.obj in the world did a "StructTables.obj" get into mysqlpp.dll?  If 
you're doing something weird with the library, it's no wonder you're 
getting weird errors.

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