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From:Warren Young Date:September 4 2007 12:06pm
Subject:Re: Windows - install.bat and stuff
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Efstratios Gavves wrote:
> Connection failed: Unknown MySQL server 'resetb'(11001)

You may be running exrun incorrectly.  My guess is that you're saying 
something like this:

	exrun.bat resetdb resetdb servername username password

instead of:

	exrun.bat resetdb servername username password

> When you execute install.bat in command line, the only thing it says is: 
> "install.bat works with [subdir]" There is nowhere in the Readme any 
> refernces about a subdir. 

MySQL++ comes from the Unix world, where this sort of usage message is 
extremely common and well-understood.  It means that if you say:

	install.bat lib32

you will get:


> I dont understand the reason, why you have to declare the name of he 
> subdir and it isn't produced automatically with a default name.

Because you might need to have multiple different library installs.  One 
common reason is having both MinGW and Visual C++ installed.  Another I 
hinted at above: 32 and 64-bit builds of the library.  There are still 
others I can imagine.

It doesn't bother with all that for the include files, because those 
should be the same for all build systems.
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