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From:Warren Young Date:August 31 2007 8:28am
Subject:Re: std::vector of mysqlpp::Row
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Yassin wrote:
> Hi, I'm trying to store result rows in a vector, like this:

I don't believe it's possible to use this feature with raw Row objects 
in v2.3.  It's meant to be used with SSQLS; see examples/custom1.cpp.

In MySQL++ v2.3, the Result object must outlive the Row objects that 
come from it, but with storein(), the Result object only lasts as long 
as the storein() call.  You avoid this limitation when using SSQLS 
because the Row objects are temporary, only used to initialize the 
SSQLSes; an SSQLS has nothing tying it to the Result object.

This limitation will go away in MySQL++ v3.0, but I think it's better to 
use SSQLS anyway.
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