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From:Warren Young Date:August 29 2007 11:53pm
Subject:Re: Windows - install.bat and stuff
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Efstratios Gavves wrote:
> the install.bat must be followed by an argument 
> which declares the name of the subdirectory in the dir c:\\mysql++. 

This seems a small matter to me.  If you run install.bat without 
arguments it tells you exactly what it wants for arguments.

> only realised that when I opened install.bat  in Notepad and tried to 
> figure it out, how is ti going. So, if I want to make some changes in 
> the readme file, what should I do?

I don't understand how a README file change can be clearer than the 
install.bat error message, but if you think you've got some text you'd 
like to see in there, just send it to the list.  I'll apply it to the 
file if I like it, or at least use it as a model for my own change.

> The resetdb couldn't be installed. 

It doesn't need to be installed.  You just run it right from the build 
directory.  See README.examples.

> There was a 
> message, "resetdb does not exist" or something. 

Now who's being vague?  :)

What program emitted this message, and what exactly was the message 
text?  You can't expect us to guess.
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