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From:Efstratios Gavves Date:August 29 2007 7:36pm
Subject:Windows - install.bat and stuff
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Well, as I was trying to install properly mysql++, I had some problems  
with the READMEs. In fact, I suppose they are not clear enough in some  
points. Specifically, the install.bat must be followed by an argument  
which declares the name of the subdirectory in the dir c:\\mysql++. I  
only realised that when I opened install.bat  in Notepad and tried to  
figure it out, how is ti going. So, if I want to make some changes in  
the readme file, what should I do?

Oh, and some other thing. The resetdb couldn't be installed. There was  
a message, "resetdb does not exist" or something. I dont know if this  
happened to others too, therefore I mention it.


Windows - install.bat and stuffEfstratios Gavves29 Aug
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