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From:Tonia Tatasen Date:August 22 2007 12:44pm
Subject:Linking problem ^^
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I have a problem compiling a project with mysql++.
First I installed MySQL 5.0 for Windows (WinXP SP2 here ^^). Then I downloaded
mysql-5.0.45-win-src and compiled it. All goodie so far. Then I downloaded mysql++-2.3.2
and compiled it too. Still, all fine so far. But when I try to compile the first example I
get serveral linking errorrs: (but I only list one, because they all look more or less the

1>main.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "__declspec(dllimport) public:
> void __thiscall mysqlpp::Query::`vbase destructor'(void)"
> (__imp_??_DQuery@mysqlpp@@QAEXXZ) referenced in function _main

I am using Visual Studio Studio 2005 (VC++) btw (yes, SP is installed ^^).
I don't know why this problem occurs, because I did add "C:\mysql++\mysql++\debug" to my
"library files" list, so it should be included (mysqlpp.dll, mysqlpp.lib and
mysqlpp_util.lib in that directory).

Any ideas?

Kind Regards,
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