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From:Warren Young Date:August 3 2007 6:51pm
Subject:Re: failing row[] assignment
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Jeff Huston wrote:
> "A static cast like that should never be required for an assignment in a 
> C++ program."
> Wouldn't it be just as easy to say, "Hey Jeff, you'd be better advised 
> to use get_string().".  Disgegarding the comment in coldata.h which 
> says.. 'If you know your data is a null-terminated C string, just cast 
> this object to const char *...' "  :o)

I don't know why you're playing documentation lawyer but overlooking the 
bit right above that where it says not to use get_string().  I didn't 
advise you to use it, and I won't advise you to use it.

> Of course I realize this is all 
> the result of a multi person, collaborative effort.

Actually, it's more that by "cast" here we just mean to point out that 
ColData can convert itself to const char*, not that you must use a 
static cast to get this to happen.

	ColData cd("....");
	const char* pc = cd;

I've changed this to be clearer.

> Anyway, I'm sure the Don Rickle's style responses here no doubt have 
> their own appeal to the rest of the audience who actually know what 
> they're doing.  As for me... I'll quietly sink back into the shadows 
> now. :o)

This style of interaction is absolutely standard on programmers' mailing 
lists.  Open source is a meritocracy.  Post a silly question, get gently 
roasted, if not flamed.  You want to see comedic brutality in much finer 
form than is generally exhibited here, go spend some time on the Cygwin 
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