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From:Jeff Huston Date:August 3 2007 5:42pm
Subject:Re: failing row[] assignment
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"A static cast like that should never be required for an assignment in a C++ 

Wouldn't it be just as easy to say, "Hey Jeff, you'd be better advised to 
use get_string().".  Disgegarding the comment in coldata.h which says.. 'If 
you know your data is a null-terminated C string, just cast this object to 
const char *...' "  :o)  Of course I realize this is all the result of a 
multi person, collaborative effort.

Hey, as it turns out... my unix admin, ignored my requests and installed 
2.2.3 instead of 2.3.2 (guess this whole universal practice of symbollic 
linking to the correct .so sorts of undermines the versioning of filenames, 
huh)... so my 2.3.2 code was hitting the 2.2.3 library.  Once the correct 
.so was put out there... surprise, surprise... everything works.

Anyway, I'm sure the Don Rickle's style responses here no doubt have their 
own appeal to the rest of the audience who actually know what they're doing. 
  As for me... I'll quietly sink back into the shadows now. :o)

>From: Warren Young <mysqlpp@stripped>
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>Subject: Re: failing row[] assignment
>Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2007 18:02:04 -0600
>Jeff Huston wrote:
>>In which case the cast is required is it not?...
>A static cast like that should never be required for an assignment in a C++ 
>program.  C++ has strong type checking, but static casts completely disable 
>this feature.  If the compiler refuses to allow the assignment without a 
>cast, you need to work within the type system to fix it, not bypass it.
>(That's the general rule...there are exceptions, of course.)
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